Ansible plugin trying to ssh as root

When running ansible commands template it tries to ssh with root instead of the normal user used for remote execution. I have tried setting host parameters to change it but no success.
The remote execution works well and I can ssh from the host to the client from the terminal no problem.

I have seen there were a few other topics related to this bug but none offered a solution except to update the plugin, which I believe I am on the latest.

Hope all the submitted information is enough, if not please let me know what else is needed.

Expected outcome:
Should be using another user to ssh with.
Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 1.24.2-1
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
ruby-foreman-ansible 4.0.5-1
ruby-foreman-remote-execution 2.0.8-1
foreman-proxy 1.24.2-1

Other relevant data:
Error initializing command: Net::SSH::AuthenticationFailed - Authentication failed for user root@test

Forgot to include these, would not let me edit
Ansible Version 3.0.0
Dynflow Version 0.2.4
HTTPBoot Version 1.24.2
SSHVersion 0.2.1
TFTP Version 1.24.2

what platform are you on?

Also according to the error it looks like it is trying to do non-ansible remote execution

Hi, I am on ubuntu 18.04.
It runs ansible through the remote execution plugin if I am not mistaken.
Thank you

Do you have ruby-foreman-ansible-core package installed?