Ansible setup with foreman

Foreman 3.4.1
Rocky 8

I currently have ansible installed via RPMs but when ever I try to run ansible via Foreman I get the following error:
ERROR! Unexpected Exception, this is probably a bug: No module named 'psutil'
I found a bug report that said ansible-core, ansible-runner and psutil need to be installed via PIP3 and not via rpms.

Should I be running the PIP version of ansible?

Also, I have 2 smart proxies and I noticed that if I try to run ansible on a host that is connected to a smart proxy it looks like it tries to run ansible through that smart proxy too. Does that mean I need ansible installed on the smart proxies?

Hi there!

The thing is that since the last minor release of EL8 ansible-core depends on Python 3.11, and there is no python3.11-psutil package, so it should be enough to have python3.11-pip installed and then install psutil via pip (python3.11 -m pip install psutil)

ansible-runner might be a different story, as it looks like it’s still depends on Python 3.9, also no package in EL8 but would need python3.9-pip and then python3.9 -m pip install psutil

(not in front of my machine right now so it’s my best guess with browser on hand right now)