Ansible variables shown in host parameters


Not sure if this is the correct place to ask. Wondering if there has been any discussion to adding the ansible roles variables to the parameters page like it is for puppet variables. It would make it so much easier to keep track of the ansible variables being used for hostgroups, fqdn, etc. Currently, we have to go to Ansible Variables and dig through each variable to find if there us a Matcher setup.

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I definitely saw this on a roadmap some time in the past. There is already a WIP pull request:

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This is definitely something we would like to add. There has been an increased demand for this feature and I started actively working on it again, hopefully it will land in one of of the future releases.


I think it makes good sense to add that feature especially with running Puppet Master being removed from the Red Hat Satellite server in the future. Will running puppet master from Foreman server also be going away?

It will be an option via a plugin similar to how all the other configuration management solutions are handled now.

And as Foreman/Katello is the upstream it would be the same for Satellite it only depends on which plugins are included as supported by Red Hat. And if for support reasons instead of a project a product is required that includes Puppet support I do not think ATIX will remove it from Orcharhino.

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