Any viable Foreman Puppet Upgrade/Migrationpaths documented?

We want to upgrade/migrate from F1.19.1 to F2.5.2 by setting up a whole new Master-Server (nice Oxymoron btw.) with puppet-Modules somewhere around v5 left with the choice whether to go all-in with puppet 7 or gently with puppet 6.24.

For now we’d just be happy with cloning our puppet-Modules out of git and getting them properly imported. The catch: the whole setup was wizarded up over the years by someone else and I’m new to the team and new to Foreman. Being the equivalent of “code smell” to me, the repo is cloned not into /etc/puppetlabs/code but something like /etc/puppetlabs/puppet (I know you already guessed it). So when I hit the Import puppet classes button, we get some of the classes but just not everything. How much of a no-no would it be to wander off the well-trodden /etc/puppetlabs/code path!?

Just added Puppet to the title of your query.
A lot of the “migration” topics over the last while relate to Pulp 2-to-3 Migration.
Hopefully someone might have some suggestions.

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