Api - enable mail notifications for host build

Is there api to enable notification for users on host build?

Unfortunately, no. Assuming you want to automate creation of that, you can use foreman-rake console. First find the ID of the built notification.

> MailNotification.pluck(:id, :name)
=> [[3, "audit_summary"],
 [6, "config_error_state"],
 [1, "config_summary"],
 [7, "discovered_summary"],
 [4, "host_built"],
 [5, "tester"],
 [2, "welcome"]]

Similar way find database IDs of users you want to assign this:

> User.pluck(:id, :login)
=> [[3, "foreman_api_admin"],
 [4, "admin"],
 [1, "foreman_admin"],
 [2, "foreman_console_admin"],
 [6, "myorg_manager"],
 [5, "org_admin"],
 [7, "secondorg_manager"]]

And do this, this is for one:

UserMailNotification.create!(user_id: 7, mail_notification_id: 4, interval: "Subscribe")

To do this for all users, you can use this Ruby syntax:

User.each |u| do
  UserMailNotification.create!(user_id: u.id, mail_notification_id: 4, interval: "Subscribe")

Or something more similar. Work done!

Thanks, I will check on this!