API setting organization on location

At present it does not appear the API can associate a location with an organization. Is this a limitation of the API or is there a different call that should be made to do this? If so what is that call?


Running TFM 1.21

This appears to be a case of missing documentation. you can pass e.g.

"location": { "organization_ids": [1] }

to the API and it will update the organizations for the location etc.
Could you please open a redmine issue to fix the API doc?

Thanks for the information, I thought I tried that variation before opening this but guess I typo’d somewhere along the way when testing. I can confirm that does work.

I am currently hitting a github login issue to redmine (No verified email provided by GitHub, go and verify you email address on github.com) but will open the ticket as soon as I can get in.