Applying errata failed: Foreman look for katllo-agent instead of REX

Settings - Content - Use remote execution by default = yes
katello-agent is absent on managed host. REX is configured and working correctly
Navigate to menu Content - Errata - Select one errata - click Apply - select one or many hosts

Problem: Applying errata task finished with warnning: Host did not respond within 20 seconds. The task has been cancelled. Is katello-agent installed and goferd running on the Host?

Expected outcome: Errata applyed using REX

Foreman and Proxy versions: foreman-3.0.1-1.el7 katello-4.2.1-1.el7

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

foreman-tasks 5.1.1
foreman_ansible 6.4.1
foreman_bootdisk 18.0.0
foreman_column_view 0.4.0
foreman_default_hostgroup 6.0.0
foreman_openscap 5.0.0
foreman_puppet 1.0.5
foreman_remote_execution 4.8.0
foreman_setup 7.0.0
foreman_templates 9.1.0
katello 4.2.1

Distribution and version: CentOS7

Thank you

I’m experiencing the same thing on Satellite 6.10.1, which I believe correlates to Foreman 2.5 and Katello 4.1