Applying Errata


When applying Errata to clients they are not applied nor any packages are installed. Using Katello I’ve published an intermediate CV using “Apply Errata” on the “Errata” menu.
Even when running yum check-update on client no packages shows up.

When publishing a new version of the CV then the packages show up at client side and are installable.
I’m running:
Foreman 1.16
Katello 3.5

Do I miss something?
I couldn’t find anything in the logs, how I could debug this?

Thanks for any help.


are you using katello-agent or remote execution by default (see settings)? In case of katello-agent, is the katello-agent (pulp-rpm, gofer, …) client packages installed on the client host? On Content-Hosts -> Host you can see the if the katello-agent is installed /usable. Are you able to install / uninstall a package on the client host (Go to Content Host -> Host -> Packages -> Yum actions) manually?

You should see issues in /var/log/foreman/production.log

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Yes katello-agent is installed and goferd is running on client, I’m able to remote install packages using yum actions. It looks like the problem is on the Katello/Foreman side, the CV are not updated correctly since the package are not visible to the client after an incremental version update of the CV.
Is this PULP related?

In production.log i can’t see anything wrong or any error.


Any idea what could be the problem?
How to investigate that problem?


It sounds like you might be experiencing Which sadly isn’t fixed until 2.14.1

You could try upgrading to 2.14.1 from the pulp repos:

2.14 should work without issue with 3.5, but hasn’t been fully tested.
I would recommend having backups or a snapshot before attempting :slight_smile:


I had a look at Patrick Creech mentioned that the fix was backported to 2.13.4 - but I couldn’t find the fix in 2.13 github branch. Can you please verify if it’s fixed for 2.13.X? Will there be a 2.13.X version available “soon” which addresses this issue?

Thanks, that did the job…
I’ve updated PULP to 2.14 and so far everything work well.

Thanks to all of you,