Architecture Katello problem

I want to install katello 4.1 and foreman 2.5.
I have 3 servers. 1: server from katello, 2nd server with foreman proxy for 1 zone (different addressing), 2nd server with foreman proxy for 2 zones (different addressing).
should I install katello + foreman proxy + pulp on server number 1?
should I install foreman proxy or foreman proxy + pulp on server number 2 and 3?
Can I use pulp from server number 1 on server 2 and 3 or each server must have a separate pulp ?

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First off, I would suggest you take a look at the planning guide for Foreman in case you have not done so yet. It might help with the consideration on how to deploy your environment.
To be a little more specific, the best setup highly depends on your requirements and the environment you are working in.
For “server 1”, I would highly recommend installing the “full stack”. I am not even sure if it is possible to run the main Foreman/Katello server without pulp since that pulp is the one that “feeds” smart-proxy pulp servers.
For the question regarding pulp on the smart-proxy servers: What are you trying to achieve here? If your goal is to have them serve packages to their respective subnets, you should definetly deploy them with their own pulp instance. This is achievable for example by installing via foreman-installer --scenario foreman-proxy-content. Those pulps on the smart-proxy servers will then synchronize their content from your main Katello server’s pulp instead of downloading from the internet again.

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how should i set up pulp, if i want pulp on katello and pulp on foreman-proxy, i would like pulp on foreman-proxy to sync with pulp to katello?

Having the pulp on a smart-proxy be synced from the Katello server is the default behavior.
You should give the content management guide a read, but the basic workflow is:

  • Sync your content to your main Katello server
  • Organize it using Lifecycle Environemts and Content Views
  • Publish the content to the smart-proxy servers based on the Lifecycle Environments
  • Subscribe your client hosts to a content view via a smart-proxy
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Can you give me example of configuration pulpcore.yml for server katello and for servers foreman proxy?

I somehow have the feeling that you are trying to customize too much. I never touched any pulp config, as this is all handled by Katello.

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I fully agree. Use foreman-installer and it takes care of the whole pulp configuration. Don’t meddle with the configuration. The next foreman-installer run will probably overwrite any changes anyway and beyond that it will most likely only cause problems…

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I agree with @rbremer and @gvde. I never touched the pulp config myself. The default config is pretty sane and works out of the box. If you really need to customize things, take a look at foreman-installer --full-help and scroll through the options to see if you find what you need.