Are host ID's in Foreman always unique?

Hi - looking at the audit logs I can see that each host audit even have a unique ID referenced as ‘auditable_id’ which refers to the host ID as far as I can tell. Using the API I can access that host information using the ID like e.g.: http://foreman/hosts/12345

Is this host ID always unique in Foreman? Does Foreman ever re-use these ID’s or will they forever increment?

Foreman and Proxy versions:
We are on Foreman 1.15 in case it matters.

Foreman is a Ruby on Rails app and ActiveRecord (database stack in Rails) uses underlying database mechanisms to generate integers as primary keys. In case of PostgreSQL, these are SEQUENCES.

Default behavior in PostgreSQL is to return integers in sequence until 9223372036854775807 is hit, then you have an error. There is a way to set “cycling” but Rails does not set this flag.

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