Armhf host provisioning

Hello all!
I am trying to provision hosts under debian armhf using the foreman discovery image discovery-* scripts.

I installed foreman-proxy 3.3 from the foreman repository and smart_proxy_discovery_image 1.0.9 from on a debian buster

I see my arm host as discovered host but when I submit it I get this error on the foreman server:
“Unable to perform kexec on host: 404 No Found”
for the PUT /power/kexec request.

all this is new to me, and is it only possible to provision arm servers with foreman ?

The problem should not be arm, but you missed to configure the kexec template for the operating system, if I interpret the error message correct.

I use the default template for debian which is resolved on the host creation page, is there anything i missed ?

I think the problem is with the foreman proxy instance on the host. When I manually get the list of features it with the following curl command:
curl http://localhost:8443/features

I don’t see in this list “discovery_image” unlike in the one I get with the same command on the Foreman Discovery Image running on a x86_64 host, despite the fact that i installed the smart_proxy_discovery_image plugin.

I’m sorry to reopen the discussion but as I haven’t found any leads, I’m asking for your help.

what hardware are you actually trying to provision ?

I’m trying to provision this kind of hardware: