Attempting to sync DUO Ubuntu Repo

Error when attempting to sync DUO Ubuntu Repo - here is the repo configured on a system that is NOT connected to Foreman/Katello:

deb [arch=amd64] focal main

Here is the result of my attempt to sync the repo:

The release file for distribution 'focal' is missing the required field 'Components'.

Here is my configuration with Foreman/Katello:

Upstream URL:
Release/Distributions: focal
Components: main
Architecture: amd64

Expected outcome:
Sync DUO Repo without Error.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

  • Version 3.9.1

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Katello: 4.11

Distribution and version:
Oracle Enterprise Linux 8

Other relevant data:

Some disclaimer:
I have no experience with deb content and just looked into this out of curiosity. Also, since this looks like a problem with pulp_deb’s inner workings and not with Katello itself, you might have more luck reaching out on zhe pulp forum, though at least some pulp devs read here, too.

What I found:
Pulp is technically correct in stating that the repository you are trying to sync does not have a valid release file. According to the debian wiki, the “Components” field is expected to always be there, which is not the case for the repo you are trying to sync.
From what I understand, you might be able to sync the repository as a flat repository, see the Katello docs on how that might work. Though, I am unsure if this will actually work, since the repo uses the modern structure as far as I can tell but just ships broken release files.
Your best bet will probably be to ask the DUO people to fix their repository publishing.

I hope this helps.