Automatic upgrading from SL6.4 to SL6.5

Hello all,

Recently I was surprised to see that a Puppet/Foreman installed server
with operating system SL6.4 would immediately switch to SL6.5.

I do not know if some people got bitten by the same thing but it took
me some time to realize that this was the consequence because of
yum-conf-sl6x being installed by default on SL6.4 [1] and the
availability of SL6.5.

As I prefer to manage myself the version of SL used on production
servers, I looked for a way to prevent this and I chose to hack the
Kickstart file :

%packages --excludedocs --nobase

I do not know if there is a better way. Am I the only one to experience
this issue ?



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You will also want to remove yum-autoupdate. It was auto updating my hosts , much to my surprise. I haven't updated my SL hosts to 6.5 but <6.5 this package was installed even in a minimal install. I wrote to handle disable/removal of that package in favor of more configurable yum-cron.

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