Automatically deleting a provisioned host

Is there anyway to automatically delete a provisioned host? I tried looking through the settings but can’t find any.
Expected outcome:
Host is automatically deleted after successful provision
Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
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Hi @jpbw720,

Short answer is no, I mean not directly with foreman settings. Can you describe your exact need ?

If it’s for CI (create, test, delete), you can use hammer or REST API. And wrap it with Jenkins, Ansible playbooks … Or even with foreman hooks (not advised).

Are you using bare metal hosts, virtualization platforms ? When you said delete, you mean only delete foreman host or delete foreman host & delete virtual host itself ?

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So you want to utilize Foreman only for provisioning and then you manage it outside of Foreman so you want to keep the database clean?

Interesting, that sounds like an ad-hoc provisioning feature.

Anyway, we have a new plugin that you can use:

It is available with 2.5 tho. Here are WIP docs:

If you create a Build Exited hook you can then delete the host via CLI/API.

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For CI like use cases also take a look at GitHub - theforeman/foreman_expire_hosts: Foreman plugin for limiting host lifetime and GitHub - redhat-performance/quads: The infrastructure deployment time machine

The first is a plugin that adds the feature you are interested in. The second is a standalone project that uses Foreman as a provisioning engine and offers such usecase (if I’m not mistaken, it’s been few years sice I’ve seen it)