Backup Issue

Expected outcome:
foreman-maintain online/offline backup

undefined local variable or method `configured_services’ for dynflow_sidekiqFeatures::DynflowSidekiq:Features::DynflowSidekiq

This should be fixed in foreman maintain 0.6.4.

is there any mitigatigation for current version or shall i update the foreman-maintain version.


Hi, I need to know how to work around this, as I want to backup my instance before upgrading to the latest Katello…

As @aruzicka said, please upgrade foreman-maintain version to 0.6.4 version, it will work.

I was unclear on exactly how to do that, though, as the version available from the repo was 0.6.3 and a yum update wasn’t helping.

aupadhye on IRC was able to point me in the right direction - needed to grab the latest nightly RPMs for that package.

Right now that’s if anyone else is in this position…

rpm -Uvh rubygem-foreman_maintain-0.6.4-1.el7.noarch.rpm

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