Backups for Debian

Hi there.

I’m running Foreman 2.0.0 on Debian Buster and have been looking for information on backing up.

Everything I come across seems to reference forman-maintain but this is seems to only be available via Yum.

I’m wondering if

  1. Has anyone set up foreman-maintain from the git repo directly under Debian or Ubuntu (if so, any gotchas?)
  2. Assuming formam-maintain is unavailable for Debian, what is the best actions to backup the system (is Postgres dump enough?)

Thanks in advance!


While I am only new to foreman, I have been trying Foreman 2.1.0rc{1,2,3} on CentOS 7 & 8. I can report that foreman-maintain's backup facility will currently not back up a Foreman-only system on either CentOS 7 or CentOS 8.

It seems and I could be wrong (but the documentation I read before posting about it, suggested otherwise), that foreman-maintain's backup facility will currently only backup systems based-on/using Katello (the content life-cycle management plugin). So if your just a Foreman user, Debian may not be your only issue.

My post on this ("foreman-maintain backup" fails on CentOS8 / Foreman 2.1.0rc* - Multiple Issues) didn’t get any responses.


No sooner did I post, that my post on foreman-maintain backup didn’t get any responses, and boom a response :wink:

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For just Foreman (and on Debian there is no Katello) you don’t need Foreman Maintain. It’s documented: Foreman :: Manual but the short version is to use foreman-rake db:dump for the DB. Then there’s some file locations, depending on the services you run.