Baremetal/VMs reboot on FDI after install

Hello all,

I’m experience some strange issue on some of my Foreman provisioned nodes (either baremetal or VMs).

After the provision finished and the host is “Installed” and “Built”, on some of the hosts when a reboot is initiated they enter again discovery state on FDI.

This is totally random and happened even after 4 weeks after installation.

What could be causing this issue?

Doru Balan


this is a correct behavior when a host is deleted from Foreman Database. If you delete a host, then TFTP PXE configuration is deleted, therefore the default menu entry appears (Boot to discovery).

Now, if you still have the host, something had to trigger orchestration which pulls TFTP configuration back. Take a look on these things (just ideas):

  • someone removed provisioning interface from the host
  • someone edited provisioning iface or host itself and it failed during transaction
  • someone removed iface, then unassociated host from subnet and added inface back
  • someone deassociated TFTP Proxy from Smart Proxy

If you struggle, put a audit trap on TFTP file and once it disappears quickly go to foreman log and find the host and identify what happened to it.