Base Repo differences between 1.16 and 1.17


When I was handed our current Foreman/Katello installation ~2 years ago, the installer had made the instance “self hosting”. Apart from the Foreman and Katello repositories, there were some extras needed.

As a result, we have extra repos:

Within the current installation instructions, as far as I cat tell, we now only need:

Can I get confirmation that the other repos are no longer/were never needed, and that the only extra repositories required are the two I have listed? In particular I note that v8314 doesn’t seem necessary and that where rh-ruby22 was previously in SCL, rh-ruby24 now been “bought into” the sclo/rh repos?

Or something like that?

Expected outcome:

Clearer documentation with explicit requirements list and explicit locations for each requirement within each release cycle update/instruction set.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

1.16.x and 1.17.x (the latest)

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Katello 3.5.x and 3.6.x (the latest)

I’ve been struggling with this also.

Right now, the easiest/fastest way for me to figure out precisely what repos are required for a new Katello release on both server and clients is to build a new throway instance of each and document the resulting repositories. With multiple client distros involved - this gets old very quickly.

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FWIW, I’ve also just discovered that we have a product called Phusion Passenger that is installed, potentially as a result of this post. From what I can see it’s both unnecessary (please confirm) and also - dead? Link to repo resolves but is empty.

Working backwards along the associated url the first time we see anything of note is at definitions. Grabbing that .repo file and cracking it open, the associated URL is correct. So - there’s no more OSS passenger?

A documented set of requirements will help prevent the guessing game of what’s needed.

By removing the passenger files installed, I discovered that at least some of them are necessary, but they are available in EPEL and the Foreman repo - not the Phusion repo.

installed packages:

None of them are listed in the About page, but the dashboard broke without them?

For 1.17, I would keep both sclo-rh and sclo-sclo as they are a part of repoclosure. You also need tfm-ror51.

rh-ror41, rh-ruby22 and v8314 are not needed.

We do have information about the software collections in our docs for both 1.16 and 1.17 though they could be better structured. There is even a section about passenger packages from scl.

Hi Ondrej - thanks for the reply and the hard work. I know that the packages are listed, but as a systems administrator that isn’t as deep into Katello/Foreman as I’d like to have time for, it would be a lot clearer to new comers if the list was explicit and upfront. List of requirement, list of repos they are expected to come from.

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It’s taken some tweaking and jimmying, but it looks like I’ve managed to update successfully. While running through the docs again, I noticed this part of the Foreman (not Katello) upgrade instructions:

Optional Step 5 - Cleanup of RPMs and repositories

Which notes

the unmaintained repositories, which are replaced by the CentOS SCLorg repos

this is one piece of information I was looking for. is no longer maintained. That’s not obvious until the very end of the instructions, and even then requires a close reading.

Maybe something at the top of the release notes saying “For those upgrading, we used to X, now we Y. These Zs are no longer maintained, therefore we have moved to getting A from B in order to satisfy Y”.

Finally from me - the new Foreman/Katello looks great and is very responsive! Thank you and excellent work all involved.

Thanks for suggestions, I will keep that in mind for the next release.