Basic documentation

Hey, I just got my foreman-katello server set up and there are a few independent articles around the web for setting it up as a repo host, but I was wondering if there’s a basic document or a demo on the subject hosted here? I’d rather use forman documentation than examples from linuxtechi or wherever (cool as those are). Especially since they are doing something a hair differently than I.


Joe Auerbach


I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but all of the Katello documentation is at Foreman :: Plugin documentation index, there’s also various YouTube videos from sprint demos and deep dives on the Foreman YouTube channel:


Honestly, I might not be sure what I’m looking for either. I’m setting up
my host as a repository management site, obviously, and it need not be
much fancier than that. When i look at a demo hosted by another site I’m
never sure what is specific to them and what I need.

For example, there’s a fine walkthrough for setting up centos repos. It
involves using subscription manager and a bootstrap to register activation
keys for hosts. great, but I don’t have subscription manger on most of my
machines and likely will not. So I sort of need to do this the old
fashioned way of just pushing out a repo file to an open server on our
network. But I don’t know if that will work here, since the only basic
demo I’m seeing doesn’t use or mention that method.

that sort of thing.

it’s worth noting that the thing I’ve having the biggest issue with (the subscription) is found at “TODO”. So less helpful. I’ll check Youtube, though.