Basic example to install apache with foreman and puppet

I am new to Foreman and I am trying the second most basic provisioning example after the ntp one: install apache.

I tried to install the puppetlabs-apache module, but I get plenty of non-documented dificulties.
First of all, the default version of the puppetlabs-apache is the 4.0.0, but it seems to use, boolean variables, which are not supported by the puppet version installed by the standard foreman installation on my centos 7 (puppet 3.8.7).

As a workaround, I install the version 1.2.0 of the module, but when I try to add the base class “apache” to my host (just as I added the “ntp” one before), it does not show up in the long list of available apache subclasses.

Where could I find a quick-start on how to get this basic task?

I would strongly advise against using Puppet 3. Even Puppet 4 is end of life and we’re likely to drop support soon.

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@ekohl Thank you! I updated to version 5 and now everything runs smoothly.
Someone should put some big warnings saying “Obsolete repo!” for all documentation sites that mention: