Best practice and detailed workflow for configuring foreman and smart proxy (DNS,DHCP, TFTP...)

Dear guys,
thank you for your time in advance. I’m quite new in the IT development world and I need to install and configure Foreman (v. 3.7, PUPPET 7.26) on a Debian 11 server for a huge infrastructure.
I really really need a detailed guide (apart from the original Manual) to understand how to start configuring all the service which are mandatory to make The Foreman works properly.
Could you please point me something useful?

Thank you again

Hi @Lyretta

as of right now, the Foreman documentation is mostly aimed at running Foreman+Katello on EL. Guides to run Foreman without Katello plug-in on Debian/Ubuntu are not ready yet and contain some inaccuracies. However, they are still published for “nightly” and you can give them a try if you adjust some commands here and there:


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Hi @maximilian, thank you so much for your suggestion. I will take a look at them.

Hi Giorgia,
I’m curious if you have been able to get everything up and running,… I’ve got an installation that uses puppet and does what is needed, but I still get tons of strange errors when I try to configure remote execution and stuff like this,…
PS: …on Debian 11, on RHEL 8 it seems to be smoother,…