Best way to create product and repository


I would like to know how best to create products and repositories in katello, I have already seen several ways to create but I still can not understand the best way.

1 example)

Centos7 update

2 example)

… …

What would be the best way to organize products and repositories?

I think it was Perl that caused the statement “There’s more than one way to do it”.

You can do it how ever you want. There’s no “correct” way. Or, rather, the correct way is:

  • the way that makes sense to you
  • the way that makes sense to your team
  • the way that makes sense to your architecture
  • most importantly, the way that you document that you have set it up.

I have 5 base products:

  • Centos 7 (has Base, Extras, Updates, Plus and EPEL)
  • Centos 6 (has Base, Extras, Updates, Plus and EPEL)
  • Extras (MariaDB repos, Zabbix repos, IUS repos, El Repo repos - basically any repos that are “official” for that product that most of my servers will need)
  • Foreman (our Foreman is as self hosting as I can get it, the Foreman repos, the Katello repos)
  • SSSD (there was a minor bug in SSSD that caused us issues, so we had the COPR repos. This is separate because Authentication and Authorisation is critical and I needed it to be more agile than “Extras”. This has now been deprecated because EPEL has sufficiently caught up with SSSD development)

Everything else was built on top of those - each “type” of server has it’s own composite content view. Most have that in triplicate (WorkerDev, WorkerUAT, WorkerProd; LoginDev, LoginUAT, LoginProd).

This way I can snapshot the repos (“publish”), and push them up the chain as I have them sufficiently stable (“promote the Lifecycle environments”). This system - ie, which Lifecycle Environment is at which version of it’s Composite Content View - is also documented. I keep the most previous CCV as well, so I can roll back if I need to (“last known best”), all others are deleted as they age out.

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thanks, very much

This is a topic of much discussion. We had some of it on the mailing list.

Hope that helps,

Side note, it’s worth knowing that the old mailing list was imported when we moved to Discourse - saves another page load :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the same link in the forum: Naming products and repos?