Best way to move clients to new foreman/katerrlo server

Problem: We are abandoning an existing foreman/kattello server/service (not upgrading it)

The “old” server is only a few months old, but it went into prod without being properly documented. There are a few issues issues with it, and it was decided that we would start afresh.

We only have about 30 clients connected to it, we need a mechanism to change them over to the new server. I prefer to remove all traces of the “old” foreman server from the client and then re-install pointing to the new server

You only need to do 2 steps on the clients:

  1. subscription-manager clean
  2. Uninstall the katello-ca-consumer package (it contains the hostname of the foreman server)

Then the system is unregistered and free to be re-registered somewhere else :slight_smile:

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thank you.