Birthday events

So our birthday is just over a month away, and I just realised I haven’t planned anything. OpenSourceCamp will be fun, but it has distracted me … :slight_smile:

I’m looking to hear from anyone who’s interested in holding some kind of Foreman event during July (or possibly early August) - whether that’s a Foreman talk at an existing event, a one-off event at someone’s office, or some other crazy idea I haven’t thought of.

Ori & I can provide assistance, promotion and possibly swag if we’re quick, so if this interests you, let me know. PM is fine if you don’t want to be public at this stage. Thanks!


I think with OpenSourceCamp and all “our” typical speakers already talking there it makes no sense to do one event at NETWAYS this year. If enough people are interested in having one again I can be convinced of course. If someone else wants to host a German event instead, I can also help.

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That was my thinking as well - NETWAYS have been generous enough with their time already :slight_smile:

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Hi! We at ATIX will be happy to host a Foreman birthday party here in Germany this year! :slight_smile: