Blow away my Katello 3.18.x and just install 4.x fresh?

So, I’ve spent countless hours trying various things to get my pulp2 content moved to pulp3 in preparation for moving to Katello 4.x.

Needless to say, it’s been a frustrating process, and I’m no further along, as soon as I get one issue fixed I run into something else.

At this point, and mostly due to the unknown remaining time involved-- I am wondering if I shouldn’t just blow my foreman server away and just… start over fresh, with 4.x.

So my question to the community-- how many of you out there are ON Katello 4.x? Is it worth moving to at this point, or, should I wait for 4.2 or…? For those of you on 4.x, are there any major showstoppers I should be concerned with? My host layout is all centos and redhat clients.

This is not a complaint against the developers. Everyone is doing an amazing job. But underneath it all, it’s a very complex situation with pulp and I’m ready to just burn it down and start over…

And how many hosts “under management” are we talking about?
20 is probably easier than 20000.

Manageable. About 120.

But i already have a huge issue with V4 when i created a test VM. Cannot use file:// paths for yum repos. Yay for pulp3. Ugh.

Another sidenote: if you are setting up a new server, check out the foreman ansible modules. If I understand correctly you can automate the foreman/katello installation and configuration. This way you would be able to set up a new server anytime you want to with everything configured automatically instead of doing it all manually.

But I haven’t used it thus I can’t tell how well/easy it is. Luckily, I was able my server upgraded to pulp3 with the right set of manual patches applied… But while I was contemplating whether I had to start all over again I had the ansible module on my list to evaluate…