BMC Interface Status

What is the current status of BMC (IPMI, Redfish) Support in Foreman? I see the Smart Proxy has support for the Identify LED, Sensors, FRU, etc. Does Foreman’s web interface expose any of that?

People have also mentioned getting SOL working or VNC to BMCs that support those. Has any of that made it into the product?

Thank you!

Hey, Foreman has very basic BMC support in the UI and CLI, basically just power operations with IPMI and Redfish implementations. There is also a “change boot order” call although that is a bit clunky.

I am not sure where you see LED/Sensors/FRU implementations, I am not aware of any of that:

I was looking at the IPMI code in Smart Proxies that has expanded functions but they look unexposed in Forman:

Yes, a lot of BMC code was either unused or removed (?). I do not remember. Feel free to take a stab at it - BMC needs to be vastly improved. It was fine for BIOS systems but with EFI it is a lot harder to live without it.