BMC - PXE reboot option not activated whilst building/rebuilding client

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I discovered that when I click on build for a host the command below is not launched:
ipmitool -I lanplus -H *** -U root -P *** chassis bootdev pxe options=persistent

The incident is obvious, the host reboot on the local disk and no provisioning is launched.

Is there any means to enforce provisioning by modifying something?

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Hello, Foreman does not orchestrate any IPMI/BMC command when you provision hosts. You need to configure BMC interface first and then click on a button to change boot order.

In the typical Foreman deployment you want all your host to:

  1. Boot from network
  2. Boot from HDD

You want to keep this order for the whole life of servers, production instances will boot from network and they will fallback to HDD immediately.

Hi @lzap,

For those who have the same issue … I decided to write a script which get information (iDRAC address, hostname, future host IP address) with a CSV file, I retrieve MAC addresses and everyting I need with SNMP (racadm) and finally in regards to PXE Boot, I use ipmitool. For the rest “hammer host create” does the job perfectly.

You can consider this SR as a Feature Request; ipmitool and snmptools (racadm, …) would be nice features in Foreman.

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Are you gonna share the script with us? :slight_smile:

Hi @lzap,

For the script, no problems! You helped me a lot …