Boot virtualbox VM - grub2 error

Hi Guys,
I really need help with foreman as i cannot progress until fix this issue.
I am new to foreman and I am trying to build a virtualbox vm by loading centos 7. based on the attached files, the vm can pickup the right IP from DHCP and load the file shimx64.efi from the /var/lib/tftpboot/grub2 but is complaining about booting from a drive (see last sreenshot below - cannot go by this), Is this error relating to foreman config?

any thought please?

this is the tftpboot directory

foreman vm host config

this shows the vm picking up correct IP.

part of the boot process

this is the error i am not sure about.

I am guessing this is not foreman related issue at this stage since no response on this forum.

The host is set to build, right?

What’s in those grub.cfg-mac-address files?

If you add a -v to tftpd, what paths do you see the client actually attempting?