Bootdisk api full_host

unable to download full_host image for EFI systems using the /bootdisk/api
Expected outcome:
full_host iso file downloaded
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We have a tool to create hosts objects and generate bootdisks to boot from. This has been working nicely for host images, but we are now deploying EFI systems, and require a full_host image. Unfortunately, the /bootdisk/api/ does not expose the full_host endpoint, at least, when I look at the foremanhost/api and search for bootdisk, I only see for generic or host images.

I have seen using the web tools in firefox, that the browser calls https://foremanhost/bootdisk/disks/full_hosts/fqdn but If I try to use that, then it tells me my browser is unsupported.

So is there a way to solve this? In the newer versions of the bootdisk plugin I do not see any full_host reference in the changelogs, so that does not seem to help.

Thanks in advance.

Try this:

curl -u admin:password "https://foreman.your.loc/api/bootdisk/hosts/:id:?full=true" --output your-image.iso

ah, I totally missed this before my holidays.

curl -u admin:password "https://foreman.your.loc/bootdisk/hosts/{id}?full=true" --output your-image.iso

is the right url. This “:id:” confused me a bit, I just needed to replace it by the actual number, so you need something like this:


for a host with id == 4.
and it just works now. Thanks for the hint.