Bootstrap Katello Install


This is more of a general inquiry… I’m attempting to bootstrap our Katello packages install, rather than pulling down a repo from the guide and installing the packages in said repo. I’d like to control my installed packages and versions. What I’ve done, so far, is create my own Katello install repo and used that for my install, however, is there a way to create a content view on my Katello server and use that direct CV http repo as my bootstrap (before my server is even a client of Katello)?

How do others handle this conundrum?


Hi @and,

I’m not quite picking up on the distinction you’re making between what you did to achieve the install and doing using a repo published to a content view over HTTP.

I think something like this could work, but it requires a few manual steps:

sync all the repos, and from each of their details pages you can find the URLs they’re published at. Add the repos to your server:

yum-config-manager --add-repo <url>


Hi Jonathon,

Correct, I guess there is technically no difference between creating my custom repo and having a Katello managed repo to house it’s bootstrap packages… it would just be a more ‘elegant’ way by using Katello.

Sorry, my bad, this was for CLIENT deployment purposes. I just realized I did not make that distinction in the original message. I’m basically trying to automate the build with Salt states and am just brainstorming ideas to cut down on overhead and managing the client side of things.

Well, you did say bootstrap, so I see what you meant now :slight_smile:

I think the general concept I laid out will work even for the client side. I don’t think you need a special content view for it (they will be in the Library view in the way I mentioned) but nothing is stopping you from using one.