Breaking changes coming to the Katello dev environment

Hi everyone,

Thanks to a lot of great (cross)teamwork, Katello’s Artemis integration is nearly to the point of being merged. It includes changes across Katello, various installer modules, and a new Candlepin version.

Once the main Katello PR is merged you’re going to see errors in your Rails logs about not being able to start the CandlepinEventListener as you’ll be missing all of the other necessary pieces. To work through this you’ll need to run vagrant provision centos7-katello-devel and that should do the trick if your environment isn’t too old (at which point YMMV). Alternatively, you can rebuild your VM altogether.

Without a running CandlepinEventListener, Katello won’t receive messages from Candlepin and so the DB will not be in a totally accurate state. I recommend catching your environment up as soon as possible when the changes land.

If you have any issues or questions, just let me know and we’ll figure it out. I’ll bump this thread when it’s time to take action.


All of the related changes have been merged in but the nightly pipeline is not passing which prevents the installer changes from reaching the repos. If interested you can follow the discussion on the nightly build fix here: katello-nightly-rpm-pipeline 499 failed

Few things that can be done to work around this if you’re getting an error in your logs related to the CandlepinEventListener:

Option 1: disable the Katello Event Daemon:

in ~/foreman/config/settings.plugins.d/katello.yaml add a block:

  :enabled: false

Option 2: Revert the recent commit in Katello:

cd ~/katello && git revert a69551ea009af21fda7

Option 3: spin up dev environment with staging repos
Use the following ansible variables in your Forklift box definition:

foreman_repositories_environment: staging                                                                                                                                               
katello_repositories_environment: staging