Bulk change of partition template

Problem: I’ve removed the partition scheme template from an operating system template and added a new one (different names). Not it turns out, that I need to update all hosts manually and add the new partition template in their configs because the field is empty:

So my question is: Is there a chance to do a bulk update on all nodes?

Foreman and Proxy versions: 1.22.1

You can not do this directly as a bulk action, but can script it via API. Get all hosts via GET /api/hosts and then update them via PUT /api/hosts/:id changing ptable_id. I have done similar things, so it should work.

Another approach would be using hammer which I do not use very often, but depending on the use case it solves it without a need to script yourself.

I mean, it makes sense that it has not changed it automatically. It would cause trouble if the template differs too much.
But now I have the trouble…

A warning popup would be nice that mention this risk. Even if you can’t solve the issue without coding scripts or using hammer (but I’m not sure if a Foreman user should familiar with hammer).