Can I make the setting "Ignore interfaces with a matching identifier" on a per group basis?

We have some hosts that need to be registered with the backend interface.

As per

One can adapt a setting. But we only need this for some hosts. Is this possible?

The alternative seems to be to edit the host, first change the name on the first interface to something temporary, then save, then remove the name from the first interface and configure the 2nd interface as the “main” interface (that also carries its name).

I am using the curl method to register hosts, still on foreman 3.5.

No, I’m afraid the setting is the only way. It would be useful to better understand, why do you need to ignore some interfaces. The registration allows to set the identifier of the REX interface, which is sometimes needed. Why do you need to customize the primary one?

While technically, the first interface is in fact the “primary” interface, it’s not always used for remote execution and also the name does sometimes resolve to the second interface, not the first.

This is only in case when there are two interfaces (or more). The 2nd interface is the “management interface”.

I found that using the script and using the “–ip” switch, I get what I want.

Using curl (even when submitting the interface in the gui) does not work - it always seems to register with the primary interface.

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