Can not multible subscribe a core based subscription on multi core system

Cannot subscribe to a core based subscription on multi cores (more than 1) system.

I have installed a 4 core VM system with RedHat EL 7.7 and registered in Foreman. That all works fine. Now, when I try to add a subscribtion like JBoss EAP, which is core based subscription , Im using the following command:
‘subskription-manager attach --pool [poolid]’

That works fine until I make the core count to1 not 4 which is correct.

Then I try to register with 4 cores with the following command:

subscription-manager attach --pool [poolid] --quantity 4

I get the following message:
Multi-entitlement not supported for pool with ID “[poolid]”

I have checked the pool id twice and it is a correct JBoss EAP Subscription.

Does anyone have an idea how Core based subscription are handled in Foreman??

Any help would be appreciated.

Foreman and Proxy versions: 1.22.1
Plugin Katello version: 3.12.3
OS version: RedHat EL 7.7


from my experience with the JBoss EAP subscriptions and other core-based subscriptions, this is not a problem with Foreman/Katello but with the how RedHat handles per-core subscriptions in their subscription logic. I’m not sure what RedHat did here, but the JBoss subscriptions behave very strange and do not actually account for the cores used.

You can try subscription-manager attach --pool [poolid] --quantity auto so that the subscription process goes through, but it will only consume 1 subscription and you will have to keep an eye on the actual used core count yourself (or, if all machines have the same core count, set your subscription limit to “your subscription count / cores per machine”).

Per socket subscriptions work like a charm, though, and behave just as expected. Yet, I do not have other per-core subscriptions to cross-check whether this is a general problem with per-core or special to the JBoss susbcription.


Hi @Lasterbalg

Did the solution @areyus suggest work for you?