Can someone tell my foreman server the host is registered and has katello-host-tools installed

…because I can’t convince it.

I am happy to paste any assertive (but not aggressive) lines that makes it clear. For instance I typed:-
“I can ASSURE you that host is fully registered and the command “yum install katello-host-tools” successfully completed.”

Aggressively starting new threads and not properly answering in your many others threads regarding this won’t really help you either. In the end you get responses from different people in different threads and all what happens is a really big mess and misunderstanding…

I would suggest you remove all threads but one and stick to where you want do discuss your problem…

It was a bit of light relief (for myself) in what was the “community” section, but it was subsequently moved to support.
You are however correct apart from “aggressive”.
I have actually cracked the issue, I don’t understand how it does, but I will save that for a new thread.
(Okay I will reply to an existing one).
I don’t believe in deleting posts because in years to come historians will lament at the loss of the historical record, and they might blame you, and I don’t think that is fair on you or your descendants.

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I moved this thread because I interpreted as a request for help :blush:

I agree with not deleting any posts for history’s sake. I often trawl through the threads here trying to find if questions have already been answered. A very definite way to contribute to the success of the community as a relatively new user is to write a summary of the problems you faced, any feedback you have on those problems (for example, unclear parts of manuals you followed etc) and how you resolved it. Ideally this would all happen in one place, so that whoever comes after you has a slightly less meandering journey :slight_smile:

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