Candlepin not running and retuning 404 error code

Status: FAIL
Server Response: Message: 404 Not Found
Status: FAIL
Server Response: Message: Katello::Errors::CandlepinNotRunning

Expected outcome:
Status: ok
Server Response: 0 Processed, 0 Failed
Status: ok
Server Response: Message: 0 Processed, 0 Failed

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Satellite Version: 6.12


  • Are you running Foreman via Forklift or have you installed by yourself?
  • What’s the output of foreman-maintain service status?
  • Can you (re)start the candlepin service?
  1. I have installed myself

  2. [root@XXXXXX ~]# satellite-maintain service status -b
    Running Status Services
    Get status of applicable services:

Displaying the following service(s):
redis, postgresql (candlepin), postgresql (foreman), postgresql, pulpcore-api, pulpcore-content, pulpcore-worker@1.service, pulpcore-worker@2.service, pulpcore-worker@3.service, pulpcore-worker@4.service, pulpcore-worker@5.service, pulpcore-worker@6.service, pulpcore-worker@7.service, pulpcore-worker@8.service, tomcat, dynflow-sidekiq@orchestrator, foreman, httpd, dynflow-sidekiq@worker-1, dynflow-sidekiq@worker-hosts-queue-1, foreman-proxy

  • displaying redis [OK]
    | displaying postgresql (candlepin) [OK]
    | displaying postgresql (foreman) [OK]
    | displaying postgresql [OK]
    | displaying pulpcore-api [OK]
    | displaying pulpcore-content [OK]
    | displaying pulpcore-worker@1.service [OK]
    | displaying pulpcore-worker@2.service [OK]
    | displaying pulpcore-worker@3.service [OK]
    | displaying pulpcore-worker@4.service [OK]
    | displaying pulpcore-worker@5.service [OK]
    | displaying pulpcore-worker@6.service [OK]
    | displaying pulpcore-worker@7.service [OK]
    | displaying pulpcore-worker@8.service [OK]
    | displaying tomcat [OK]
    | displaying dynflow-sidekiq@orchestrator [OK]
    | displaying foreman [OK]
    | displaying httpd [OK]
    | displaying dynflow-sidekiq@worker-1 [OK]
    | displaying dynflow-sidekiq@worker-hosts-queue-1 [OK]
    | displaying foreman-proxy [OK]
    | All services are running [OK]

  1. Unable to start service
    [root@ah-XXXXX ~]# systemctl start start
    Failed to start start.service: Unit start.service not found.

[root@ah-1287191-001 ~]# systemctl start candlepin
Failed to start candlepin.service: Unit candlepin.service not found.

For candlepin it’d be the tomcat service.

Yeah if you keep having issues with tomcat dying, you can share the tomcat failure logs here. Also, consider checking for OOM (out-of-memory) errors in your system logs.