Cannot edit interfaces: Values stuck to values from old deployment

In one of my foreman instances, I cannot edit interfaces anymore when creating hosts. Values for MAC and IP are always populated with the same values from one server I deployed a while ago. It reverts back to these values after I change them.

Expected outcome:
I can edit interfaces…

Foreman and Proxy versions:
1.16.1 / 1.16.1

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
foreman-tasks 0.10.9
foreman_discovery 10.0.0
foreman_monitoring 0.1.3
foreman_setup 5.0.0

Other relevant data:

I did some further digging:

  • foreman db only shows the MAC in the nics and puppet_facts tables, witch is correct I guess
  • When I create a host, only the initially created interface has this issue. A workaround is do delete the interface created by the host creation wizard and create a new one

Where could the values for mac and interface name coming from?

Is the host creation performed on discovered host? Otherwise I can’t see where the values would be taken from. Perhaps some browser cache? Do you see these values if you do Host -> Create or do you start with blank form and old values appear only on submitting the modal window?

Weird, what’s in the audit?

Do you have an AdBlocker?

Any javascript errors in the browser?

Can you try do the same via CLI/API?

Are there any discovered hosts reporting at the moment?

Can you grep the production.log with the MAC address, possibly with DEBUG turned on?

Is the host creation performed on discovered host?

No, the whole discovery process still works like a charm; interfaces are created correctly. I face the issue only when using new host

Do you have an AdBlocker?
Any javascript errors in the browser?

Nice! For some reason I never thought of my browser being the culpit here. Cleared side data, done.

Thanks a million!

Cleared site data? Like cookies or stored form data?

So it was stored form data, not an adblocker. Can you confirm?

I cleared cookies first and still had the issue. It was stored/cached data in Chrome. I can confirm after clearing it my issue is solved. I used empty cache and hard reload described here.
Note, my AdBlocker was on all the time.

In case it makes any diffrence, the data came from one of the machines I provisioned using foreman-discovery.