Cannot find Provisioning Option

Hi all,
I am new to Foreman, have setup katello 3.5 + foreman 1.16 setup in my test machine following
Things went great and am able to login to dashboard add compute resource, and create the repos, but when i go setup provisioning i don’t see Infrastructure -->> ‘Provisioning setup‘ menu

can some one please guide me how can i get this option ?? or what am i doing wrong ?

sharafraz khan

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AFAIK this was comming from foreman_setup plugin

I’m not sure if it’s being kept up-to-date still though

– Ivan

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Thanks Ivan,

Running yum install tfm-rubygem-foreman_setup.noarch helped,
quite strange why katello don’t install it while installation.

Isn’t there an option in the ‘foreman’ menu when you run the installer
with -i?

Has been a while since I had to run the installer with -i so I’m not
sure if it is still there.



The difference might be the foreman-installer vs. katello-installer, that can unfortunately diverge in the set of default settings, as it happened in this case

I’m having the same issue (no Infrastructure>Provisioning setup option). I installed the the rpm mentioned above, but still do not see that option under Infrastructure. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I’ve searched online all day and spent some time in the IRC chat room, but still haven’t gotten any advice that has fixed this.

Edit: After a reboot, the option appeared, but on the second step (where you enter the subnet information) nothing happens when I hit submit, to move onto Step 3. It doesn’t error out; it just kicks me back to the top of the page with the cursor in the subnet name box. I do not currently have a subnet configured, so there is no conflict there.