Cannot refresh list of yum repositories attached to my content hosts using hammer


After adding a new yum repository to my content view the new yum repo is not visible in the content hosts until I execute subscription-manager refresh in the local shell of the content host. I would like to be able to trigger the refresh using hammer from the katello host

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Other relevant data:

I have tried few different options with hammer host subscription attach ... and hammer host subscription register ... but I couldn’t find any option to refresh the list of yum repositories in the content hosts using hammer.

Is this possible at all or is it mandatory to execute subscription-manager refresh in the content host every time I add a new yum repository to my content view?

thanks for you help.

@Pablo_Escobar , subman-refresh runs every 4 hours on the host so you could wait and see if this happens in your case. The other option is to do this via remote execution from your server. It is not possible today to do a subman refresh using hammer on a host.

The available repos is restricted by activation key, add the new repos to both CV and activation key, then subscription-manager refresh should work