Can't change bare metal host type to "Bare Metal"

Running Foreman 1.20.2 on CentOS 7.6. I have it configured to provision VMs via vCenter. However, I added a bare metal host that I manually provisioned so that it can be managed by Puppet. For some reason, when I add the host it automatically set the “Deploy On” field to “vCenter”, which is the only Computer Resource I have configured. If I try to edit the field, it does show that “Bare Metal” is selectable. However, when saving that change, it just always revert back to “vCenter” again. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Are you using a hostgroup to default to vmware? If so, this is Bug #25799: Bare-metal host 'Deploy On' setting doesn't persist - Foreman

Looks like it’s the exact same bug I am experiencing. I have a default host group created for “Linux Servers” which I had it default to deploy on “vCenter”. However, after associating this bare metal host to Puppet, I noticed that and then went and change the host group’s default value for deploy on to empty value. The host still retained the deploy on “vCenter” value and won’t persist changes to that field to anything else.