Can't create hosts in a Foreman without provisioning config

Hello, I’m trying to configure a new Foreman to be used as a node classifier. I set the option unattended: false under settings, but when I try to create a new host it doesn’t get created. The specific error from the logs is:

2020-08-06T10:15:43 [I|app|fcb522f5] Started POST "/hosts" for at 2020-08-06 10:15:43 +0200
2020-08-06T10:15:43 [I|app|fcb522f5] Processing by HostsController#create as */*
2020-08-06T10:15:43 [I|app|fcb522f5]   Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓", "authenticity_token"=>"...", "host"=>{"name"=>"louis-pohlman", "organization_id"=>"1", "location_id"=>"2", "hostgroup_id"=>"", "environment_id"=>"", "managed"=>"true", "type"=>"Host::Managed", "interfaces_attributes"=>{"0"=>{"_destroy"=>"0", "type"=>"Nic::Managed", "mac"=>"", "identifier"=>"", "name"=>"louis-pohlman", "ip"=>"", "ip6"=>"", "primary"=>"1", "provision"=>"1", "virtual"=>"0", "tag"=>"", "attached_to"=>""}}, "is_owned_by"=>"4-Users", "enabled"=>"1", "model_id"=>"", "comment"=>"", "overwrite"=>"false"}}
2020-08-06T10:15:43 [E|app|fcb522f5] Failed to save: Operatingsystem can't be blank

It complains about the Operatingsystema but as you can see in the screenshot, the tab for Operating Systems doesn’t exist when the unattended: false option is set in the settings.yml.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there any other setting in Foreman I need to set in order to be able to create hosts? Thanks for the help.

Expected outcome:
Be able to create hosts with provisioning disabled.

Foreman version:

Distribution and version:

It’s probably a bug, we don’t test with unattended set to false much. We do have a bunch of unit tests, but most users use provisioning so bugs can easily sneak in.