Can't edit settings

I have foreman working for the most part. I’ve got it integrated using 3 smart proxies to FreeIPA, Puppet 7, and a local one for DHCP, provisioning and so on. I’ve built several systems and all looks good except that when I select Administer → Settings, none of the settings are actually editable.

Nothing shows up in the logs when I try to edit, and I’m wondering if this is somehow a browser issue (it’s Firefox 78.11.0esr on CentOS 7.9) or if something is amiss in my configuration.

Which version of Foreman are you on?

Sorry about that. Foreman 2.6.0. I do have the same version running on another network without this issue.

That’s quite odd since there was no Foreman 2.6.0 release :sweat_smile:.
I assume you are running an old nightly build that had a bug which was fixed in Refs #32840 - Fix setting editing by tbrisker · Pull Request #8664 · theforeman/foreman · GitHub
For production use it’s recommended to use only stable builds, the current version being 2.5.2 right now, with 3.0.0 coming out soon (there is already a release candidate).

I hear you. Our biggest issue was that we were using Puppet 7 and didn’t want to move backwards, so I fumbled around a bit trying to figure that out. In the end, I realized if I just configured things by hand enough, I could get it working.

I’ll hold off on the puppetdb plugin config, then, until 3.0.0 comes out and I can upgrade to it safely. Is there another way to specify these settings somehow without using foreman-installer?

You can also update the settings from the API or using Hammer CLI.
Since you are running on a nightly build anyways, you may want to consider upgrading to 3.0.0-RC1 - it will hopefully be as stable and if you discover any issues we might be able to fix them in time for the stable release.

I was about to ask if you’d recommend that I upgrade. :slight_smile:

I’ll get on it and report back anything I find. Maybe it won’t all be pilot error.