Can't find list of all servers requiring reboot

I installed/enabled Tracer for all Content Hosts.
I can’t find a list of all hosts requiring reboot.
Under Spacewalk, this existed, and I used it to schedule a reboot for a batch of servers to be executed at a specific time.
How does this workflow work in Foreman/Katello?

Expected outcome:
GUI should offer a way to display a list of all servers requiring reboot.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Katello 4.7.1

Distribution and version:
Rocky Linux 8.7

Search for hosts with filter trace_status = reboot_needed. Clients must have katello-host-tools-tracer installed for this to work.

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Many thanks!
This does exactly what I need.
Why is this so obscure? In Spacewalk it was straightforward!