Can't install Foreman with Katello on Almalinux 8

I’m getting grupos ou módulos ausentes: katello:el8, pulpcore:el8 (missing groups or modules)
when running # dnf module enable katello:el8 pulpcore:el8.

Other relevant data:
I’m following the CentOS Stream 8 steps on this guide Quickstart Guide for Foreman with Katello on RHEL/CentOS.

Hi @carlosdaniel-cyber,

Did you run the 3 dnf install https://... already before you try to enable the modules?
The metadata for the modules should be part of the katello and pulpcore repos, which get added by the katello-repos-latest.rpm :+1:

Yes, they’re already installed.

Okay, did you use the 3.4 or 3.5 release once? (would take a short look if it also happens to me)

I’ve tried 3.5 but it didn’t work too, so I’m trying 3.4 now with an old snapshot of the VM.

Yup, looks to work, I have tested that on a Rocky Linux 8 container right now, but that shouldn’t really make a difference.

dnf install
dnf install
dnf install
dnf module enable katello:el8 pulpcore:el8
dnf module list --enabled

And the result is:

Rocky Linux 8 - AppStream
Name                                          Stream                                  Profiles                                       Summary                                                                       
perl                                          5.26 [d][e]                             common [d], minimal                            Practical Extraction and Report Language                                      
perl-IO-Socket-SSL                            2.066 [d][e]                            common [d]                                     Perl library for transparent TLS                                              
perl-libwww-perl                              6.34 [d][e]                             common [d]                                     A Perl interface to the World-Wide Web                                        
pki-core                                      10.6 [e]                                                                               PKI Core module for PKI 10.6 or later                                         
pki-deps                                      10.6 [e]                                                                               PKI Dependencies module for PKI 10.6 or later                                 
postgresql                                    12 [e]                                  client, server [d]                             PostgreSQL server and client module                                           
python39                                      3.9 [d][e]                              build, common [d]                              Python programming language, version 3.9                                      
ruby                                          2.7 [e]                                 common [d]                                     An interpreter of object-oriented scripting language                          

Foreman 3.5
Name                                          Stream                                  Profiles                                       Summary                                                                       
foreman                                       el8 [e]                                 installer                                      Foreman module                                                                

Katello 4.7
Name                                          Stream                                  Profiles                                       Summary                                                                       
katello                                       el8 [e]                                 installer                                      Katello module                                                                

pulpcore: Fetch, Upload, Organize, and Distribute Software Packages.
Name                                          Stream                                  Profiles                                       Summary                                                                       
pulpcore                                      el8 [e]                                                                                Pulpcore module    

Maybe retry, and if it still does not work, look at the repo cache and configuration (yum.repos.d), oh and dnf module list of course (to make sure the metadata is up to date also run an extra dnf clean all)

LOL. It turned out I just had to move foreman* katello* puppet* repos to a proper directory (because of network certificates, etc.). Anyways, thanks for the help!

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Hah! Fun stuff, good that you figured it out :slight_smile:

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