Cant provision interface on Ovirt

We use Foreman in combination with Ovirt/RHEV.
When creating a machine with only one Interface all works fine, as soon as you add a 2nd Interface to it the Network (in the ovirt section) gets changed on all interfaces in foreman.
The VM itself gets created correct in ovirt but foreman is unable to identify the correct interface anymore and therefore fails while creating the Hosts.

Expected outcome:
Foreman should treat interface indepent.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
RHV 4.3

I tried reproduce this bug but I have not succeeded. When I try to create a new ovirt vm with 2 interfaces it works as expected in foreman and in ovirt.
Could you maybe add the stack trace from production.log?
Also, If there are any errors in the RHEV side could you add them as well?


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i tried reproducing it on various other ways but i could nail it down to an issue with my specific ovirt Datacenter.
Ill check the Logs and will attach them here :slight_smile: