Can't see List Subscriptions menu in Activation Keys EL 9

After a new installation of Foreman 3.10 on Oracle Linux 9, I can’t see the List Subscriptions menu in Activation Keys.

It was:




Search for “Simple Content Access” or “SCA” and you’ll find plenty of answers. Subscriptions have been deprecated and removed.

Now how do manage subscriptions for custom repos (such as CentOS, OL, etc.)? I can’t find where to bind repos to activation keys.

As I wrote before: search here in the community and you’ll find lengthy explanations why this is and how to handle it now. I don’t really think it’s useful to repeat everything which has been discussed before in depth.

You’ll immediately find Katello 4.9 Custom products changes with SCA and more.

With SCA there’s no need to attach subscriptions anywhere. Just click Repository Sets and ensure that whatever repositories you need are enabled.