CentOS 8 client

I just wanted to ask if there is already a time schedule for building a CentOS 8 client?

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Time schedule?

CentOS 8 is supported from Foreman 1.20. We haven’t spread to word tho. Maybe a blogspot since this is already a second inquiry. Any volunteer? :wink:

@lzap I think this is a question when we start to build our client repos for CentOS 8.

@pcreech maybe you have more insight into when our koji instance is able to build EL8 content.

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My thinking is biased :slight_smile:

I wound up here hoping to find a target date for the katello client content as well. It’s something I am looking forward to.

I’ll be the 3rd inquiry for this, I suppose.

Thank you!

@sellerthorpe7 Hi!

I was out on a paternity leave, but now that I’m back i’m going to be looking to prioritize our rpm build infrastructure updates to provide el8 client support. I currently don’t have a timeline outside of “soon”, but I’ll be sure to pass along updates as soon as I have them.

Thanks for your patience! Sorry it’s taking so long.


@pcreech Congrats on the little one!

Just thought I’d follow up on this and see if you may have an timeline yet for the el8 client. I’ve been checking back weekly hoping to see it show up in the repos so that I can add the sync to my local satellite.

I’ve gotten the itch to start using the new OS, and just need this last piece to completely integrate it to my environment.

Thank you so much for your work on this!

The goal is to release EL8 client bits with Foreman 2.0. I see you mention Satellite. Satellite released with RHEL 8 Client bits as early as Satellite 6.5 and thus should already be available to you as a Satellite user.

You are correct. I have no issues with the RHEL 8 software on Satellite 6.5. My specific issue is that I also deploy CentOS servers off the same Satellite for non-critical servers, and I use the satellite to manage those, in the same way I manage RHEL.

If it’s a matter of waiting for Foreman 2.0, I don’t mind waiting. I was just looking to get this moving on my side, and seeing if there was a timeframe for it. The specific image configuration, puppet integrations, etc all take time to figure out prior to a new OS image creation, so this was just one of those pieces.

Thank you for the effort on this though. It’s definitely something I am looking forward to!