CentOS 8 client

I just wanted to ask if there is already a time schedule for building a CentOS 8 client?

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Time schedule?

CentOS 8 is supported from Foreman 1.20. We haven’t spread to word tho. Maybe a blogspot since this is already a second inquiry. Any volunteer? :wink:

@lzap I think this is a question when we start to build our client repos for CentOS 8.

@pcreech maybe you have more insight into when our koji instance is able to build EL8 content.

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My thinking is biased :slight_smile:

I wound up here hoping to find a target date for the katello client content as well. It’s something I am looking forward to.

I’ll be the 3rd inquiry for this, I suppose.

Thank you!

@sellerthorpe7 Hi!

I was out on a paternity leave, but now that I’m back i’m going to be looking to prioritize our rpm build infrastructure updates to provide el8 client support. I currently don’t have a timeline outside of “soon”, but I’ll be sure to pass along updates as soon as I have them.

Thanks for your patience! Sorry it’s taking so long.