Centos 8 repo in content view not published in redhat.repo

On a fresh install of Foreman 2.2.1 and Katello 3.17 some of the repositories I created and published in a content view doesn’t appear in the redhat.repo of Centos 8 clients.
No problem to sync the repo nor to publish and promote content view to the Lifecycle env.

The 2 problematics repos are Centos 8 Appstream from:

and MariaDB 10.5 from:

Publishing a other repo after this 2 in the content view didn’t cause any troubles. It appears on clients.

Expected outcome:
Repo available to clients

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
foreman-tasks 3.0.1
foreman-remote-execution 4.1.0
katello 3.17.0

Distribution and version:
Foreman server : Centos 7.9.2009
Clients: Centos 8

Other relevant data:

Can you perhaps have a look at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1886325 if it could be the same problem that hits you? I am still searching for a reproducer or something else to drive this forward.

Sorry for the delay, I will look into this bug.

Seems to be the same bug happens here, except in my case that is Centos8 who is involved. My Centos 7 repo are all well published to hosts.
No workaround for now?

Unfortunately no, as Candlepin guys need a way to reproduce and I can not find a way to reproduce it, but perhaps with more data in the bug report someone can find a pattern.