CentOS 8 Stream EOL Friday 2024-05-31

Later this week CentOS 8 Stream will go end of life and removed from the mirrors. From experience we know that retrieving content from vault.centos.org is not a proper replacement and even if it was, we’d need to do a lot of work to switch things over.

We’re rather late, but have started to track the remaining work in CentOS 8 EOL · GitHub. We know our release pipelines are affected (repoclosure, need to drop c8s from pipelines, etc) but also things like the CentOS 8 Stream devel box will break.

This post is a reminder, but also a place to coordinate things that will break.


i started out with foreman a week ago using centos8.
i couldnt get it to run on rehl9 because of an old foreman version (rhel9_support=foreman>3.10),
but i stumbled over the info that its supported with v3.10 and i notcied that centos8 will reach end of life soon, so i switched back to el9 and now it almost works like a charm :wink: