CentOS CI's introduction of Duffy

As announced on ci-users back in June, the cico-workspace container has been updated:

This caused some problems.

First of all, I needed a few commits to get cicoclient to run again:

Then it took me a lot longer to find out why we weren’t getting nodes. Turns out it was a bug in the legacy compatibility API:

That was just merged, but until then I used a forked version of python-cicoclient containing a workaround:

Once that was working, more fixes were needed to use ansible-core:

Now we do still compile the opentelemetry SDK, which takes a few minutes and is thus something we want to avoid. There is a wheel, so we probably need to make sure that pip is new enough to install that.

Other than that I’ve seen some failures to get nodes. Perhaps the legacy pool size is too small for our use. We need to migrate to the new Duffy anyway, but hopefully these fixes allow us to do branching soon.